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Welcome to my official author website. I have many creative passions, and storytelling is one of them. It began early in school when creative writing inspired the writer within me. In the early 2000s, I ventured into screenwriting, and my first script, The Black Dahlia Mystery, garnered me literary management. During those few years, I wrote four scripts during the most difficult time for a screenwriter—the early post 9/11 years when all movies had to be written safe: no explosions, terrorism, hijackings, or any kind of violence imaginable. But two of my screenplays written during that time broke the Hollywood rules as I felt their stories will one day be told at a later time in the future—and that time is now. And those former works are still available and showcased in the "Screenplays" section below. And to date, I no longer write scripts.

My current passion-project is ASTRONOKAI, my sci-fi debut novel published by BANDOLEER PRESS. When not writing, I dabble in graphic design, where my education resides, and I'm also a photographer as photography is my true passion. Currently, I'm writing the sequel, ASTRONOKAI: The Days of Somber War.

I'm a native of Seattle, Washington, and still reside in the area. I love science fiction and fantasy, true-crime, video games, and love working out in virtual reality with my Oculus Quest. If you have any questions or comments, feel to reach out via the Contact button at the bottom of this website. Thank you! 




After the failure of global peace, and the disbandment of NATO allies, the governments of many nations clash, resulting in a worldwide nuclear war.

As the global crisis escalates, American Astronaut Kyle Gannon awaits his lifelong dream of a mission to Mars while in hiberstasis for a routine test launch. But unbeknownst to him, his dream becomes a nightmare when SpaceX launches Gannon at the onset of the nuclear strike, sending him light years into outer space. Seven years and one day later, his space capsule arrives at its galactic destination.

Rescued by the Akryllians—humanoid aliens in the Astronokai galaxy, he becomes a strong ally in their interplanetary, galactic war against the evil Skrayth regime. But upon the discovery of an ancient battle sword, Gannon learns he is destined to be there—and must try to stop a cataclysmic event, reminiscent of earth’s fate.



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Genre: Mystery, Crime, Thriller, Suspense, Drama, True Story. 109 pages. Available. This project is perfect for a large ensemble cast, especially for cameo appearances. A good thought-provoking, whodunit tale for the audience.

LOGLINE: When a young and aspiring starlet seeks love along the way to her Hollywood dream, she becomes the obsession of many admirers. But her mysterious past catches up with her, resulting in her gruesome, unsolved, 1947 murder.

Genre: Mystery, Crime, Thriller, Suspense, Drama, True Story. 108 pages. Available.

LOGLINE: A skilled FBI agent becomes obsessed in capturing a skyjacker named Dan Cooper, who demands $200,000, four parachutes, and a vanishing jump from a 727 airplane.

Genre: Comedy, Action, Adventure. 106 pages. Available. 

3rd Place Winner/Division I - 2004 Split-Screenplay Writing Competition

Honorable Mention - 2004 Words From Here Contest

LOGLINE: A wife is asked for a divorce by her dispassionate husband on their twentieth anniversary in Central Park. At the same moment, a man admits to his girlfriend that he’s a cross-dresser, and a young man tells his family he’s gay while introducing his older, flamboyant lover.

Genre: Comedy, Action, Adventure. 109 pages. Available. This would make a great independent film. It pays homage to the restoration of the drive-in theaters and the cinematic culture of long ago.

2nd Prize Winner - 2004 WriteSafe Present-A-Thon Screenwriting Contest 

LOGLINE: After seeing her father at the movies with another woman, a daughter confides to her zany, Italian family that he is having an affair. With their support, she tells her mother, who then gives the family strict orders to plot a stakeout at the drive-in, where all hell breaks loose. 

Genre: Horror, Thriller, Drama, Action, Adventure. Pitch Available/No Script. This project is SAW meets GUNS AKIMBO set in a serious and dramatic, high-octane style.

LOGLINE: An intolerant man is corrected by a low-key serial killer named Conscience, who forces him to participate in a deadly scavenger hunt, in which his innocent, kidnapped family is the prize.



August 20, 2020

ASTRONOKAI received its "first" book review from a Barnes & Noble reader! 

Thank you, Danno, from Philadelphia, for the 5-star review! And yes, this will be a series!

September 18, 2020

The hardback edition of ASTRONOKAI is coming soon from Barnes & Noble! 

October 1, 2020

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