The Letter
A Dramatic Short Story 

After losing her job, a kindhearted man consoles a young woman in Central Park. But upon their next visitation, his life is forever changed—from unforeseen circumstances.

The Jigsaw
A Short Story 

During a severe snowstorm, three friends decide to take a shortcut home. But their after-school journey becomes a horrific detour when they venture into the dense forest known as The Jigsaw.

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After the failure of global peace, and the disbandment of NATO allies, the governments of many nations clash, resulting in a worldwide nuclear war.

As the global crisis escalates, American Astronaut Kyle Gannon awaits his lifelong dream of a mission to Mars while in hiberstasis for a routine test launch. But unbeknownst to him, his dream becomes a nightmare when SpaceX launches Gannon at the onset of the nuclear strike, sending him light years into outer space. Seven years and one day later, his space capsule arrives at its galactic destination.

Rescued by the Akryllians—humanoid aliens in the Astronokai galaxy, he becomes a strong ally in their interplanetary, galactic war against the evil Skrayth regime. But upon the discovery of an ancient battle sword, Gannon learns he is destined to be there—and must try to stop a cataclysmic event, reminiscent of earth’s fate.