MARCH 6, 2023

Thank you to the Golden State Film Festival!

OCTOBER 16, 2022
Thank you to the creative team of the VEGAS MOVIE AWARDS for the Winner's Press Release for Spyder! Through its U.S. & U.K. distribution to over 200+ news sites, it hit the major new services in the movie industry, including the Academy Awards News Wire!
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FEBRUARY 21, 2022


A Night at the Drive-in

First off—I’m speechless! Absolutely honored and overjoyed!

After returning to screenwriting in early 2021, I knew I could write and make a comeback! I knew it was going to happen much sooner than later! And it did—with an unplanned, totally unexpected, successful, first-time run on the film fest circuit with several screenplays.

Right before that, I had come off the heels of a very bad writing collaboration—one of the worst I’ve ever experienced—and probably ever will, especially after being yelled at in a Zoom meeting by a young student filmmaker because they had no understanding of storytelling and good creative choices for story, character, and dialogue. After 41 days of my own time, livelihood, and kindness spent working on the project—that’s what I got in return from my fellow collaborator!

And what they probably didn't realize was that they violated the New York Film Academy Student Code of Conduct—not once—but 4 TIMES! And I learned some serious consequences would have resulted in immediate suspension with the possibility of expulsion from the school due to their behavior—and failure to present themselves and their school—in a professional manner! Any other person than myself would have reported the student to the school's dean and instructor by the end of that day! But, I'm not that type of person as I'm very forgiving! But even then, I will make sure that the filmmaker, and their name—will never, ever be associated with my name and my screenwriting projects!

Remember, first impressions are last impressions. Not just on day one—but all throughout your professional career!

Thereafter, I questioned myself as a writer. Years prior, I knew I could write. And I didn’t give up. Less than 3 months later, I won my first film festival accolade from Filmmakers Connect! And now, here I am! And I dedicate this honorable achievement to my fellow filmmaking peers!

May this inspire you to keep pushing forward with your dreams and goals!

And don’t ever let anyone mistreat you—by making you feel like a lesser person. Remember, it is YOU that is the better human being! Not them!

With that, I want to give a HUGE praise and THANK YOU 🙏 to the NEW YORK FILM AWARDS—the judges and the entire team! I’m deeply touched and extremely thankful for this heartfelt win!

FEBRUARY 20, 2022


Wow! I can't believe it!

This is like a real dream come true! THE PARIS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL marks the 20th win for The Letter. 🏆And just to think of all the amazing worldwide recognition this short screenplay has received in the last 8 months is an absolute blessing!

Merci 🙏 to the Paris International Film Festival and all the judges (which I also think includes Cheryl Neve) for this memorable and highly-esteemed honor! And for recognizing this story—and its message—regarding mental health and suicide awareness! And this great achievement inspires me, even more, to get this short film made and entered into this amazing film festival.

And merci 🙏 to the festival's Executive Director extraordinaire, Jenna Suru, for this experience and the opportunity. Congrats on a great and successful film festival! And also congrats to all the award-winning filmmakers! They created some great, outstanding films!

And now... it's time to celebrate! Merci! 🙏


"Brett Howard Nelson is seeing his star rise with increasing speed as his latest film The Letter graces the screens at Cannes to near universal acclaim alongside all the other festivals it has shown so far. In a recent interview with Toronto Film Magazine, we gained loads more insight into the rising director and what he sees in his future as a screenwriter."


TORONTO FILM MAGAZINE & FILM DAILY MAGAZINE have published feature articles on The Letter, courtesy and compliments of Montreal Independent Film Festival. It is also my first time interviewed as a Screenwriter and soon-to-be Director! Thank you to all the teams at TFM, FDM, and Montreal Independent Film Festival for the great honor and opportunity! To read each article, click the individual graphics below!